Designer Masterclass

The Gen Z Aesthetic

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  • Designer
    Kari Livingston
  • Level
    Inter - Adv
  • Video time
    2.5 hours
Learn how to design on-trend social media templates with the bright, modern aesthetic that characterizes Gen Z.
Lesson series

Ready to take on a new style and learn how to create awesome designs in Canva?

Then this masterclass is for you! Join me as you sit over my shoulder for a full 2.5-hour design process while I create original templates with the Gen Z look. This is a modern, trendy look that is much in demands on social media and with big brands to woo younger audiences.

And in this masterclass, you get to go behind the scenes as I describe the inspiration, plan my templates, and design a set of IG posts that I actually sell on the Canva marketplace!

What's Included

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Video Training

See my EXACT design process in this watch-me-work style video training as I show you how to recreate the super trendy, bright and bold Gen Z look in Canva.
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Curated Elements Guide

Get my curated elements pack and trend report to save tons of time and finish projects faster because you don't have to start from scratch.
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Design Feedback

Want to make your own template set and get my professional advice? I'm all ears! Share your work or ask questions in the private group.
More Than just a design class

Learn the look that unlocks a generation of opportunities.

In this 2.5-hour design masterclass, you will learn my advanced Canva and composition techniques:
  • See my entire design workflow from start to finish
  • Explore a new, popular trend that you can use in your own work to stay current
  • Learn new Canva tips and tricks to speed up your workflow and create better
  • Learn how to ideate and iterate to come up with the perfect look
  • Get pro tips like Canva shortcuts, how to find matching elements, creating cohesiveness among multiple designs, and how to write compelling copy for your templates

Frequently asked questions

Who's this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to better learn how to use Canva, and especially how to create the bright and colorful Gen Z look. If you are a designer (or an aspiring designer), a VA, social media manager, or you run your own business and want to learn new, relevant skills to make yourself more marketable, you might enjoy this course! With the included design kits, you'll be able to create your own standout templates to sell on Canva or any other marketplace.

Do I need to know how to use Canva?

This is not a beginner Canva course. You should have some basic knowledge of Canva, including how to search for and add elements, work with text, etc. I do go over those skills, but in a very quick way, as this course focuses more on how to interpret design briefs in creative ways and do more with your Canva skills.

Do I need a free or Pro Canva account?

You only need a free Canva account to follow along, though some of the elements in my curated Design Kits are Pro (but you don't have to use them). If you want to try a Canva Pro subscription, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here (#aff).

Do you teach me how to sell Canva templates also?

This course is all about designing. If you're interested in learning how to sell Canva templates, please check out my course Template Designer.

Kari Livingston

Canva Creator and Design Educator
About me
Hi, I'm Kari, the designer and blogger at Creative Day. Since 2020, I've been selling Canva templates for a living, and I want to help you learn my best design tips so you can grow a creative business that you love! 
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